Honey Beam

A golden afternoon, sun-kissed and drizzled with honey, Honey Beam captures the ambery, sweet and floral aspects of honey, mixed with the warmth of a golden beam of sun. Nectarous, floral and animalic. Sold in a 55 mL / 1.7 FL OZ bottle

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55 mL / 1.7 FL OZ
$ 280.00 CAD

Honey, Beeswax, Pink Lotus Flower, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Ginger

$ 280.00 CAD

About the product

A humming of wings, sweet nectar, and filtered sunlight . . .

It is late afternoon, and while the heat of the day has mellowed, your cheeks remain flushed from the day's lingering warmth. You watch as a honey bee hovers in mid-air, suspended like a mote of dust in a sun beam. She lands on a pink petal, and nuzzles her way into the oozing heart of the flower.

The flower offers herself to the bee and together they dance in the breeze, whispering sweet nothings and tales of flight, sunshine and dewdrops.

Honey Beam is the only perfume in the world to use a bee-based trilogy of honey alcohol, beeswax absolute and honey absolute for a genuine and rare honey recreation.

House of Forbidden Fruit proudly uses:

  • Simply the best natural and sustainable aromatics from around the globe
  • Locally distilled, un-denatured honey and grain alcohol
  • Award-winning branding and illustration by American designer Chad Michael and fine-artist Marc Burckhardt
  • Glass bottles and accessories manufactured in France
  • Packaging printed in Canada and the USA

All House of Forbidden Fruit perfumes contain only natural ingredients sourced from plant essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, tinctures and isolates, and occasionally sustainable animal products like honey, beeswax, ambergris, africa stone and castoreum. They do not contain petrochemicals, parabens, glycols, dyes, synthetic materials of any kind. All perfumes are aged for a minimum of six weeks in un-denatured neutral spirit alcohol locally distilled on Vancouver Island.

How long will my perfume last on my skin?

House of Forbidden Fruit perfumes have a 20% concentration of aromatics to increase longevity and projection. You can expect the evolution from the diffusive opening notes to the heavier base notes to take between 3-8 hours, depending on your skin and the environment (humidity and temperature).

Do House of Forbidden Fruit contain allergens?

Allergens are difficult to predict, and House of Forbidden Fruit perfumes contain concentrated plant and animal materials that may cause allergies/reactions. Do not apply to broken or inflamed skin, and stop using immediately if you develop any allergic reactions. Consult physician prior to use if pregnant or nursing.

Natural perfumes typically have a smaller silage (projection) than synthetic perfumes, and in my experience are therefore less likely to cause irritation to others.

How should I store my perfume?

Natural perfumes are typically best used within two years. Your perfume will not “go bad” after this time, but some of the delicate top notes may oxidize, altering the original scent. To extend the life of your perfume, keep it in a cool, dry place. Do not store in a humid environment like the bathroom.

The materials I use are naturally pigmented and may stain fabric. Avoid spraying on clothing.

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