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Shop the collection of natural perfumes, handcrafted from a concentrated blend of plant and animal* aromatics and aged in island-distilled alcohol.

*Some perfumes contain honey, africa stone, beeswax, ambergris for naturally sourced animalic notes.

Perfumer's Philosophy

I created the House of Forbidden Fruit because I believe true beauty can save the world. Artists and makers are today’s alchemists and magicians. By honoring traditional methods and materials, the artisan perfumer reveals just how remarkable nature, and indeed the very essence of this world, is. Like bees that make honey from nectar, when we turn the volatile compounds of plants into perfumes, we too become agents of transformation, working in harmony with nature to create something truly sublime and meaningful.

perfumer's ingredients

All House of Forbidden Fruit perfumes are highly concentrated blends of botanical essences--distillations and extractions of flowers, leaves, fruit, grasses, saps and woods; as well as precious tinctures of sustainable and heritage musks like ambergris, africa stone, castoreum and propolis. All perfumes are blended in a base of un-denatured honey or grain alcohol distilled locally on Vancouver Island, and will never contain petrochemicals, parabens, glycols, denaturants or synthetics of any kind.

perfumer's process

I draw on a combination of heritage hand-blending techniques, ingredient experimentation, intuition, and good old-fashioned trial and error to formulate my perfumes. Perfume formulation requires patience, persistence, imagination, and a willingness to slow down. It cannot be rushed. When I formulate, I am forced to be entirely present with the materials. For me, it’s a form of escapism and meditation, a communion with nature.

I test hundreds of combinations over many months and don't rest until a blend truly sings to me. Because rainfall, soil and other growing conditions alter the aroma of the raw ingredients, House of Forbidden Fruit perfumes may vary from batch to batch. I label each perfume with a unique bottle and batch number.

the perfumer

Megan Terpening is the owner and perfumer of House of Forbidden Fruit. From her childhood years spent running barefoot and climbing trees, to summers spent cycling across continents and learning foreign languages, she's always had a love affair with nature, sense of adventure, and flare for the different. As an artisan perfumer, her goal is to retrain our overstimulated, desensitized noses so we can appreciate the scent world as nature intended. To discover mother nature’s subtleties and complexities, and feel how nurturing, enrapturing and meaningful that can be.